Sunday, February 11, 2007

Boones Farm and Babies

One thing I have learned in my 36 years on this earth is never expect things to go as planned. Something will ALWAYS inevitably go awry. It doesn't necessarily mean it will go badly but off the course you charted. This is why I rarely plan anything. I go with the flow. Enjoy the unexpected and trudge through the bad.

I had hoped to go shopping early and be home to make something mellow we could all enjoy in front of the TV with a couple of movies. Didn't happen. But the alternative was pretty good.

I got to meet my new little niece for the first time.

How precious is this little sweet pea?!?! Oh gosh! I never think about having more babies until I hold one and then my heart aches. Truly. She is such a sweetie. Dark black hair like her mom and dad.

I was worried about Cameron not being careful but he was IN LOVE with her from the very first second. He just wanted to hold her, share his juice with her, and kiss her. And when she cried he would come running because he was so worried she was "sick" to use his words. It was too cute.

But this picture really touched my heart the most. It's my Mom holding baby Reese. When I opened it up to crop it I was taken back by the wrinkles and age of my Mom who you can barely see and the beautiful porcelain newborn skin of Reese. It made me think of all the babies she has held in her lifetime and nurtured. And now in her old age she holds her great granddaughter as the torch passes to another generation.

Life goes on.

Sometimes in the midst of all that has happened I forget that time has not stood still for the rest of the world. And in moments like this I am abruptly aware of how life doesn't wait for anyone or anything.

We did end up going grocery shopping. Super Walmart, not my favorite place, not my least favorite but Ash wanted to spend some money she earned on "stuff" and I wasn't going to 10 stores at 6 p.m. Not to mention it's all of about 10 degrees outside.

We picked up KFC on the way home and stopped at my Mom's to have dinner with her and my sister Elaine who is staying with her this weekend. After dinner Dennis took Ash over to her friend Shannon's to go to church in the morning and I hung out with my sister and helped her get my Mom in bed for the night.

We started watching some "chick flick" on Lifetime and called Dennis to bring us some cheapo wine (Boones Farm to be exact) and Dennis, Elaine, and I hung out watching the chick flick and drinking cheap wine until 11 p.m.

Yeah, I know. Probably far below a lot of people's definition of a good time but we are simple folk around here.

Now I am getting ready to head to bed and read the new issue of CK and watch Underworld with the hubby. Oh and this is also waiting for me in my bed...

I guess the dogs got a little lonely for us today. Should be an interesting sight when we all are in bed...LOL


Ngaire Bartlam said...

OK.. I agree I lOVE the photo of your Mum with the bubby.. so Beautiful and the differences of the skin types/ so perfect!

LOVE your tree card.. awesome negative /postive image..

GREAT idea re the ring of card makers too.
off to join that now..

ps thankyou for the sweet linkage!!!!

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