Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Emily and Shimelle's Challenges

Monday...Monday...La la, la-la-la-laaaa.

We had a nice weekend. Dennis was off and we spent friday night sans any kids. :) But he was asleep by midnight and I worked on Shimelle's project. It was a lot of fun! She is so awesome! Man, what I wouldn't give to have half the ideas that she has. Saturday we spent the evening at my Mom's house with my Sister's and their husbands. We had dinner and laughed...and laughed. It has been so long since we had time to just laugh together without all the weight on our souls of my Mom's illness and care. It felt SO good!

Sunday we hung out at home. Dennis made dinner and I worked on Emily's challenge. Then we just watched some T.V. and played with the kids. Exciting huh...LOL

So here is my "I have to confess..." mini:

The cover is a transparency I painted with Apple Tart paint by Plaid. The stamps are by Rebecca Sower. Love them! Hole reinforcers are from Staples. I totally have to give credit to Karen Russell for helping me to learn to love transparencies. She is a genius with them! Check her blog out!

I did all my picture pages in a 6x6 format. The titles I added with Paint Shop Pro. Yeah I know, I don't own photoshop. Oh well. It has american crafts ribbon and Fontwerks stamps.
You will see the right side pictures first then the journaling pages. Just a little FYI :) I used Metal Dots by Colorbok, American Crafts ribbon, Vintage Ink in Spearmint by Ranger, Bazzill and Paperabilities cardstocks, Purple Onion Designs dotted line stamp, Michaels circle dot stamp I actually cut the saying that was around it off so I would just have the dots, and hole reinforcers from Staples and chalk.

This is the back of the album. I have no idea why the lime green cardstock looks so sage-y. But it's really lime.

I used Purple Onion Designs stamps on the back.

This was a fun, quick little project. I think I will add to it over time. Thanks so much Shimelle for sharing this awesome project with us.

Now... The most awesome prgeggy momma-to-be Mrs. Man-Pri's herself Emily Falconbridge is running a super cool weekly challenge over on her blog that I have been participating in. Here is this weeks challenge:

The prompt was "I am...":

I used a metallic cardstock that resembled a mirror. How symbiotic of me eh! LOL! Pen is signo. I used a bristle brush to scuff the writing so it looked imperfect.

Paperabilities cardstock, Autumn Leaves stamp, signo pen and rhinestone hearts.

I am so loving Emily's challenge. Go join the fun!

K, i'm outta here. Took forever to write this post and upload the pictures. Off to snuggle the hub.

Peace :)


valerie said...

love this the use of the mirrored card is so cool

Lis said...

Looks awesome :)

jess said...

LoVe your card!!! Fantastic!! And i also love your "i have to confess" book!!

Lynne said...

I loved your card and your book. I am almost finish my Album from shimelles class but am just waiting for some stamps to arrive that i ordered so i can do the journaling side of it.

Thanks for sharing all your lovely stuff

Kristen said...

that mirrored cardstock is great. What a creative way to present that goal!

Emily Falconbridge said...

your 'confess' mini book and your card are SO heartfelt. i love that i feel like i know you better just from reading these. thats what its all about right? :)

elwira said...

Love these cards! And your confess-book.. It's beautifull!

jill s said...

your book and cards are awesome!!:)

love it.

i can't believe how much more creative i feel in the last 3 weeks from working on em's challenge!


Nat said...

This is so amazing! Love your confess book and your mirror card is awesome!!!

Latharia said...

Just beautiful ... and humorous ... and thought-provoking!! :) I can point you to a fun website for some web-friends if you like! :) And I cracked up over the "liquid love"!!!

suebaru said...

Love your card again this week and your 'Confessions' book is fab!
Thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog last week!

steph said...

love this 'realistic/raw' journal! and, your card from miss E's challenge!

Di said...

Beautiful cards, Shimelles class journal is fabaroo too.

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