Sunday, September 10, 2006

Blah...Blah... Blah...


Going to try this again tonight and EXTREMELY edited down with no frills.

My Mom:
Was admitted back in the hospital this past Tuesday.
She was extremely confused and not eating or drinking.
Cat Scan and EEG & EKG's are all normal.
Kidneys not functioning properly.
Toxins from poorly functioning kidneys were posioning her body.
Hence the confusion and lack of appetite.
Levels are normaling out now.
Possibly can come home Tuesday.
We'll see...

Labor Day Weekend:
My sister Connie and BIL Jim rented cabins for all of us at Grass Lake Resort in Hillman.
About 30 minutes from the Mackinaw Bridge.
We celebrated Cameron's 3rd Birthday there.
Cabins were old and rustic but big.
Our cabin was 2 bedrooms, bathroom with shower, great room aka living room and a small kitchen with a screened in front porch.
Hot water lasted approximately 5 minutes...LOL
I learned to make coffee in an old-fashioned perculator.
It was dark, rich, and so, so good in the cold northern mornings.
I saw the largest half-moon of my entire life.
It was amazing.
I didn't clear my digital camera memory or memory card before I left.
But I took ten digi pictures and the rest old-fashioned 35 MM.
I still love real print photos best anyway.
Ash caught a 16 inch large mouth bass.
It scared the shit out of her.
We let it go.
Cameron got tons of presents.
His favorites: 2 guitars and a wooden train set.
My Mom had a good time.
She went fishing on the pontoon.
That made me feel good.
Dennis made the most awesome breakfasts. Eva!
It took 3 hours to get there.
It was in the middle of NO WHERE!
I loved that.
It was COLD!
I hated that!
At least it wasn't 100.
My sister Elaine and I went for a ride on a row boat together.
We got stuck on a old tree that had grown up through the water.
It was extremely embarassing.
3 boats were within a 50 yards to view it.
I slept most of the way there.
I slept most of the way back.
I didn't want to come home.
I did anyway.


Started High School Septemeber 5th.
Hated that!
Always makes me sad even if she does try my patience.
I miss her during the day.
We bought her first Homecoming dress already.
She will be attending the Homecoming Dance September 30th.
I miss my little girl.

Turned 3 on September 4th.
Also made me sad.
Where did the time go?
He wouldn't stay with his favorite Aunt Connie and Uncle Jim tonight.
I was a tiny bit sad not to be able to spend a night alone with Dennis.
But a lot secretly happy he wanted to come home with his Mommy.

Has to work for the next 2 weeks straight.
7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the weekends too.
He pre-ordered the Cars DVD tonight from Walmart for 15.87.
That rocked!
He turned 36 on August 28th.
Happy birthday my love of life...

Been in a funk.
Haven't even wanted to get on the computer.
Have faced the reality my Mom will never be the same.
Mourning the loss of the Mother I knew.
Trying to enjoy the time we have.
Unbelievably sad remembering the difference only a few short months ago.
Put all the pool gadgets and toys away for winter today and cleaned the yard.
It's barren and minimalist.
I like it.
Got the holiday stuff moved to the front of the garage for easy access over the next few months.
Excited about Halloween.
My second favorite holiday.
Almost finished the flip-flop album I started.
Will post pictures soon.
Got a sinus cold.
Feel like icky crap.
Loving the smell of wet leaves and ripe apples.
Love the cooler temperatures.
Love the lack of mosquitos.
Hate the thought of raking 9000 pounds of leaves.
Could see my breath outside by 3 p.m.
Too cold.
Didn't like that much.
Had hot soup and crusty bread for dinner.
Loved that.
Wishing I were in bed with Dennis snuggling.
Off to do that now.



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