Saturday, July 29, 2006

Holla at ya Girl!


Long time no blog...

How are you?
Ok, ya know...Doing.
Could be worse :)

My mom?
She is home :)
She came home Wednesday, July 19th.
Yeah, we were all so happy.
She can't live alone so my niece stays there during the week and one of us (My 2 sisters and I) stay there on the weekends.
She gets around pretty well but gets tired very, very quickly.
She has days where she is very confused.
But she has days where she is very coherent.
She just called me to ask if the kids and I wanted to come over for breakfast. :)
Sadly, my kids (the lazy bums) are all still sleeping or I would be over there having eggs, biscuits, gravy, bacon, and sliced fresh garrden tomatoes... *sighs*
(For the record, my sister helped her cook- she is NOT allowed to cook by herself)
Good days-bad days.
But at least we have days.
I am totally thankful for that.
ALWAYS could be worse, ya know?
I tell her I love her everyday.
Enjoy the time.
Life is too short.

My family?
Oh they are the same old, same old.

Dennis actually got a promotion.
He used to work 3 days on 4 days off, then 4 days on and 3 days off from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. but now...
(insert drumroll)
He works 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.!
We are actually living an almost normal life.
I guess I never realized people actually sat down for dinner before 8 p.m. LOL!
Actually, it has taking some adjusting for me...*Snickers*
I am used to those extra 3 hours to clean and cook now I have to advance my schedule.
But, we can actually go and do things in the evening. WOW!
The first 10 years of our marriage Dennis worked 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
We had NO life.
This is change and it is a good thing.
And more money (Yay!) and more hours (Boo!)
Did I ever tell you what Dennis does?
He is a pressman.
He runs a press that prints magazines for a HUGE Canadian company called Quebecor World, Inc.
We love you Canucks! You put food on our table :)
It has also provided me with some awesome reading materials...
Rubber Stamperer, Rubber Stamp madness, Paperkuts, Paer Arts, Sports Illustrated Special Editions, Zoo Books, Kids Zone, The special Batman comic where they killed him, and the memorial Oklahoma book about the Oklahoma bombing and one of my most treasured books.
9.11 a book that has nothing but the pictures of the covers of newspapers from all over the country of the day the World Trade Centers were attacked.
It is a piece of history we have locked away for our kids.
Really nice bonus for having a inky everyday hubby :)
But why God, why? Can't he be printing CK, or Simple Scrapbooks, Scrapbook Trends or Scrapbook Answers....LOL!

Cam is good.
Growing like a weed.
Loves swimming in our pool.
Scares the hell out of me.
Has THE most AWESOME tan!
And he is 2...sheesh.
His birthday is coming up so I am starting to plan that.
Yep, that the theme.
And for anyone who may have extra Cars from McDonalds when they were giving them away, please Email Me if you are just going to trash them.
I am doing Camerons room in Cars and need some extras for gluing to his curtain rod and ceiling light.

Ash is a teenager.
Some days she loathes me (Ugh, hate those days)
Some days she just loves being with Mommy (The best days)
We are busying getting ready for her to start high school.
Uh yeah, that's right...High School.
Makes me want to cry like a baby.
Thank goodness the lame state legislature has changed the law and school doesn't stat again until after Labor Day.
Almost all her supplies are bought and a few clothing good (Never, EVER enough in her teenage eyes) LOL!
Her first formal dance is only 4 months away...Where in the hell has the time gone?

As for me...
I turned 36 last Sunday.
So close to 40.
I don't feel 36.
Ok ....somedays I feel 86 but most days I feel young. I act young, I enjoy life.
Why act your age?
Is it a law somewhere?
Not in my book.
Not eva.
No big celebration or anything for the B-day.
Actually I slept most of the day because of a doozy hangover from Tent City the night before.
Ever heard of Beer Pong?
Um, me either until that night.
My young, way young, 21 and 25 year old nephews got me playing and not with beer.
Jungle Juice.
Uh yeah!
A sick concoction of liquor mixed together aka a trash can from my 21 year old
Tent City was fun.
Waiting for Jody, my niece, to send some pictures.
I got a little too drunk to take any...*hiding face in embarassment*
I have a few though.
I'll share soon.

On the scrappy art front...
I finished the board book I made for Cam.
So cute!
Called "The boy who loves planes"
Finished the Lowe Olympics album!
And almost finished with my wedding album.
Yeah, I got married 15 years ago...LOL!
Also working on a mini album about the funny and cute things Cam says.
I have decided to play Last Scrapper Standing over with the Dare Girls.
Not because I think I'll win....LOL
Far from it.
But because I think they rock.
I love that they are about being real.
Getting it done.
Challenging yourself.
And mostly because I think they run the Dares not for recognition or celebrity but simply because they love inspiring people.
Love the art.
Total respect for them.

Long, boring post, I know.
My teenage drama queen wants to shop around online at Hollister.
So I am going to shower and putting on my bathing suit and do nodda but lay in the sun with my kids today.

Exciting huh...
I thought so.



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